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    We are the new support structure for artists and fans. We help foster healthier meaningful connections between artists and their fans/community & sponsors.

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    Who we are

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    Who we are

    A home for creative expression and community while freeing artists from the anxiety of financial instability. Our vision: To play a meaningful role in the evolution of the creative sector within the digital sphere.

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    New Talent

    We enable artists to share their work to both their fans and potential sponsors. As a member the artist gets the opportunity to find sponsorship for their next project, and he also gets the opportunity to interact with fans and sell directly to them.

How It Works


As an artist the first step is to register a profile and account that will enable you to sahre your work with both your fans and potential sponsors. As a registered artist you also get to benefit from free marketing on this platform


After registering you then get to share your work with your fans either for free or at a premium. The work that you share will be available for purchase/ download to your fans .


If you are working on a huge project that needs more money that you can afford, here at Back An Artist we afford you the opportunity to get your project funded by one of our partnering sponsers.

Choose Back An Artists

Why Artists Choose Us:

We create a stress free and troll free environment conducive to creativity, growth and monetization.

Generate Income

Maintain creative control while earning a stable monthly income through: Subscriptions, Ecommerce store, Performance Bookings, Sponsorship/brand collaboration.


You get to share your creative work with your fans, not just locally but fans from all around the world. And you get to interact with your fans on a more personal way

Project Boost

We help fund your project of work if it you have a project of work that is outside your budjet, we also help connect you with other artist that complement the nature of your project.


Have your work/project featured in our exhibitions and events. As an artist you will be invited to showcase/perform at some of our exhibitions/events.


All purchases are done securely, your details will be protected. We use some of the latest cyber security technological tools. One less thing to worry about.

Register Now

Whether you are an artist or a fan you can register today.  Fans can register to start interacting with their favorite artists today! As a fan you will get to suggest and contribute to the creative content of your favorite artists.